Account hacked

December 8, 2009 1 comment
Email to Blizzard:
My account (*** account name here***) has been hacked. Between the Dreadmaul characters Wingood, Wingosa and Ibuyandsell, around 4k gold has been removed, all items of value have been lost, keybindings completely reconfigured (I use Dvorak keybinding on my PC and non-standard placement of movement keys, so was immediately obvious), all characters moved to different locations, Wingood stripped of all armour/equipment, Inventory practically cleared out on every character. Equipped items still exist on Wingosa, but that is about it. All emblems, Champions Seals, Cooking Awards, Honour, and Jewelcrafting tokens have been removed. Also, Wingosa has been dual specced to Frost (was PvP Frost and PvE Arcane) neither of which match the PvP Frost spec. Finally, I apparently ninja’d a large chunk of materials from the guild bank (Cursed), which confirms that all of this occured around 12am AWST 7th-Dec-2009 (6 am 6th-Dec 2009-PST).
Have run complete virus scan on PC, no keyloggers exist. I did notice being disconnected (from only WoW) in the middle of playing last night but assumed this was only network issues. Nobody knows my password through me advising them of it, and I have never logged into a phishing site with my account details, doubly so since converting to a account. I have also never logged on on a PC other than my own. I have raised issues before with the security of Blizzard accounts which have been ignored when I was previously hacked and used as a gold spamming service, and quite a number of people that I know (including Royalblood, my current gmaster) knows people in real life that can hack accounts, and this has become much more common of late apparently, showing their insecurity.
My WoW account is still linked with my account and the password has been changed (again) as a matter of precaution (and because I know your standard email response requests it) but would much appreciate Wingood and Wingosa’s gear and equipment restored to allow for raiding of ICC this week, and the gold restored as this was being saved to make a repayment.
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Wingood Tanking Successfully

November 24, 2009 2 comments

One thing that I have made an effort to do with Wingood has been to experience as many of the dungeons as possible at the appropriate levels. Most of the dungeons in Azeroth were run; Burning Crusade instances completed are Setthek Halls, Mana-Tombs, Blood Furnace, Hellfire Ramparts, Magister’s Terrace, Underbog, Slave Pens, Heroic Blood Furnace, Heroic Hellfire Ramparts, Heroic Magister’s Terrace, and the raid of Zul’Aman. Even with the heroics and Zul’Aman involving level 80s, it is still a completely different feeling to complete it at the corerct level. Also, the loot and idols was quite beneficial up to about level 74 (with the BC epics starting to be replaced by lvl74+ blues). Now in Northrend, I have tanked and healed (never DPS) in Nexus, UK, AN, OK, DTK, GD and VH.

As a healer, I have only once had any problems: In Utgarde Keep, I was unable to keep the tank AND the raid up at the same time. I am still unsure as to why this was, as I was performing the same “priories” of spells that I have performed on every instance since that point. The tank was Berash, a DK played by my brother who had never tanked before, and was not properly specced (or even geared I think) for it, which is likely the major contributor to this: I believe he required my constant attention, not even allowing me to throw the rejuv to the dps that they required. I also believe the dps weren’t attacking his primary target. Also, my understanding from what he described was he was trying to purely aoe tank (on three trash mobs …) instead of single target tanking. I’ll pay closer attention to his tanking next time and see what advice/corrections I can give, and hopefully we can get him to be an epic tank, which is what he wants the DK for. Other than this one bad experience though, I have frequently been complemented over and over at how good my healing was, and rarely does even a dps die (the only times dps have died has been when they have been attacking the wrong target).

As a tank though, the road has not been so rosey. My previous post described the problems I had been having primarily in Nexus at level 69-71 with (normally one) ranged caster mobs being mixed into the trash mobs. No problems would exist with tanking most of the mobs, but the ranged mobs would attack someone else (normally the healer) reasonably quickly. Also, Archmagister in the Nexus caused problems when she split, with people dying frequently to the aoe combined with the three casters. The level 72 AN attempt at tanking resulted in a couple of wipes on both the watchers and the mobs before Hadronnox, primarily from lack of awareness by all parts and my inability to hold aggro on the non-primary target right at the start (mage dps waiting a second before attacking would have been nice). And UK I had never tanked to completion, only restoration.

But then something wonderful happened. I sat in LFG last night, looking for a VH, OK or HOS run at level 75. My tanking gear was simply my levelling greens (blue leather never seems to drop in instances), and not a single gem slot in any of the gear. This gear and gemming/enchants will obviously improve heavily once reaching level 80. However, I was invited along to AN as a tank. I informed her that, while I did want to tank more, I really was holding out for OK, VH or HOS, and declined the invitation. Ten seconds later another tell received from the same priest asking whether I would like to go Old Kingdom instead then as tank. I accepted without hesitation.

Expecting to experience problems again, especially in the group heavy environment of OK, I looked up at the group composition. Priest, Wingood, Mage, Mage, Rogue. Two mages (mages have a notorius reputation for pulling threat, especially while levelling, despite their MUTLIPLE mitigation options). A disc priest (good good). A Rogue (Damn. Rolling on any leather that drops.). Still, it was a chance to try tanking again and with the two mages and a rogue ripping up the dps and trying to pull aggro, it would be a good training experience even if we did wipe a few times. Went in, cleared the first few mobs, then got to the bottom of the first set of stairs, where the two melee, webslinger and shadowcaster mobs start hanging out in groups. We attempted it. I marked the shadowcaster skull, the webslinger x. I cast faerie fire on the webslinger and charged into the shadowcaster, mauling, swiping, tabbing all the way. I didn’t drop aggro on any of them. We didn’t wipe.

This continued throughout the instance. Only one or two (in my mind anyway) messy pulls in the whole instance, and even with those, no-one died. Not once. It was a solid group, heals and tanking was solid, dps was good. One of the mages had a really bad habit of attacking the wrong target, but once I told him I wouldn’t save him if he attacked the wrong target again he corrected it. And I was preventing him from pulling threat anyway even on the wrong target. Score!

When we finished up on OK, I then asked if they wanted to do VH. Five minutes later had got them all their keys (easy quest) and we went into VH. That place is messy for a bear … The portal keepers coming out first is easy, but the squadron? No aura, no D&D, hopefully you can pull off a couple of swipes or maul/lacerate while using a combination of growl and charge to pick up the couple you missed. Not fun, but again, whole instance, not a single death.

I’m happy with both my tanking and my healing ability at this point. And have had people praising my abilities in both specs, with level 80s telling me how good my knowledge is of how I will rotate/prioritise abilities for even end-game raiding.


Wingood finally level 72 …

November 16, 2009 1 comment

Since the last post about Wingood roughly a week ago (10/11/2009) quite a lot has been achieved. Both BoJ trinkets have been obtained, Zul’Aman has been run twice and Tree Form Wingood is running around in 3/4 epic level items. Epic spell items seem to drop much more consistently than epic rogue/feral items, although as a feral I have only two epic trinkets and the badge bought Idol of Terror (“Equip: Your Mangle ability has a chance to grant 65 agility for 10 sec.”). In all of the Zul’Aman, MGT and other heroic running I haven’t seen a single epic feral piece drop other than the two trinkets I’m now wearing that both dropped from heroic MGT (Shard of Contempt, which increases expertise by 44 and “Equip: Chance on hit to increase attack power by 230 for 20 seconds”, and a Commendation of Kael’thas (which is very good for both tanking and leveling) which increases stamina by 57 and “Equip: Melee attacks which reduce you below 35% health cause you to gain 152 dodge rating for 10 sec. Cannot occur more than once every 30 sec.”).

Other than gear, Wingood has also gone from mining Mithril to mining Cobalt, and the Thorium mining from mining level 235 to 300 reminded me of why I hated levelling mining on Wingosa (and in fact, the reason I ditched it). Running around Ungoro crater including both the caves and the plume resulted in 3-4 nodes per run (on quite a large area). When I finally ditched that area and moved to WPL I was able to get the remaining 40 levels in about half an hour of farming. Then proceeding to level Jewelcrafting with the gems from the ore resulted in almost reaching level 300 with this as well.

Then moving to Hell Fire Penninsula (or as one person called it, Fel Iron Penninsula), levelling from 300 to 325 mining was a breeze requiring only two trips around the Penninsula, and levelling mining from 325 to 350 on Adamantite in Nagrand was about as simple with about two laps as well. After grinding the various ores for mats, enough mats were produced to level jewelcrafting to 340 with plenty of gems left over, with of course the 340 cap preventing any further levelling from gems without Honoured reputation with various factions. Currently investigating whether it is cheaper to level 340-350 on amulets or whether grinding reputation will be more beneficial in the long run.

So now Wingood has mining and jewelcrafting at Northrend levels, and is quite well geared as a healer for the next few levels, with mostly full gear for healing, and full trinkets and idols for both specs. Also various heroic Burning Crusade instances have been run for the experience of seeing what these instances are like at around level 70, as opposed to level 80 where zerging and facerolling is the norm. Additionally, Wingood has (attempted to) run UK and Nexus a few times each at level 71, but has not had a succesful completion due to group composition issues in the whole level.

And then last night Wingood finally decided that he was sick of being 70% through level 71, and started questing again. Two hours later, Wingood is now sitting half way through level 72 and working hard towards level 74 for the upgraded Venture Coin idols!

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Wingood gearing up on BoJs and heroic 70s

November 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Now that Wingood has reached level 70, I’ve decided to take a break from questing for a moment in order to obtain a few idols for his general benefit. One thing that Wingosa never got to experience was grouping up while levelling. In total I think she had 3 groups in the whole time she levelled, with the group in Nexus being the most embarassing: When we were wiping on the the mage, the paladin DI’d the priest, to which I stated “Yay for priest bubbles”. At that point, I was laughed at, asked how much I’d ebayed the character for, etc. For someone that was on their first character that had soloed (or been run) up to that point it’s a perfectly valid mistake to make :(.

Wingood on the other hand has been receiving whispers all through levelling from people wanting him to tank or heal (but never to dps). If I join any LFG queue within 10 minutes I will have a group, if I’m not in any LFG queue I will often have at least two whispers an hour requesting my services. I’ve now run UK at least three times, and started Nexus at least three times (never have managed to finish it due to other commitments or wiping). Never had any major problem in either role, but never seen all that much drop for feral or leather drop for resto. Have seen plenty of spellpower mail drop, which would be good for the ele or resto shaman if their was ever one in the group. Have seen plenty of mail drop, which would be good if their was ever anything more than one DK or warrior in the group (never been with a paladin). But if I was a rogue, almost nothing would have dropped, and if I couldn’t wear cloth I would still be in pre-bc gear for my resto.

I have since decided that I would like to upgrade my idols to be something a bit more appropriate to tanking and healing than the quest reward from level 61. The Idol of the Wild, a green item received as a quest reward for Colossal Menance (level 61 quest in Hellfire Peninsula) simply states: “Increases the damage dealt by Mangle (Cat) by 30 and the damage dealt by Mangle (Bear) by 52.” This idol is currently being used across all specs, and it is completely useless for restoration specs and minimally useful at this level for either feral form, hence my decision to replace it. So looking at the “various” sources of idols, there appears to be very few choices:

  1. Very late level quest reward (feral cat form only).
  2. 30 Venture Coins (3 dailies in Venture Bay, requires level 74).
  3. Emblems of Valour, Emblems of Conquest, Emblems of Triumph (WotLK heroics and raids)
  4. 20 Badges of Justice (Burning Crusade heroics and raids)

Of these options at level 70 only one option exists: Badges of Justice. Soon Venture Coins will become available that can be traded in for some nice idols which I will likely use at end game for a while until plenty of emblems are spare. The stats on both the relevant Venture Coins and Badge of Justice idols are below:

  • Idol of Terror (BoJ): Your Mangle ability has a chance to grant 65 agility for 10 sec.
  • Idol of Perspicacious Attacks (VC): Increases the damage dealt by your Maul ability by 120 and Swipe ability by 24.
  • Idol of Budding Life (BoJ): Reduces the mana cost of Rejuvenation by 36.
  • Idol of Pure Thoughts (VC): Increases the periodic healing of Rejuvenation by 33.

Looking at these idols, I’m thinking the highest priorities will be Idol of Terror for levelling and tanking up until my mitigation is not an issue, as the extra agility converts to ~1% dodge, increased crit (1%?)and 130 armour whenever it procs. Once mitigation is no longer an issue though threat will be the major factor, for which damage of Maul and Swipe is a major contributor, so at that point the Idol of Perspicacious Attacks will become very important. For restoration, Idol of Budding Life will help while mana restoration is still an issue, but at the point that mana restoration becomes a non issue the Idol of Pure Thoughts is obviously superior.

Now, obviously the Emblems of Conquest/Triumph idols are far superior, but as I will already require about 400 of these just to buy the 2 tier sets (tree and bear, ignoring cat form) I am not looking forward to farming more of these for the idols until the rest of the gear has been bought and gemmed. As such, the Venture Coin idols will probably serve me until about when Icecrown is released when Emblems of Triumph become easy to obtain (with the new Dungeon System).

So yeah, have been running heroic rampants, blood furnace and Isle of Quel’Danas for the BoJ’s, all three of which I was able to tank and heal without issue, with a Zul’Aman raid coming up tonight. Zul’Aman should help with gear and will make levelling easier, and will result in enough badges to get my first idol! Now the choice … I’m thinking Idol of Terror.

Looking forward to it.

Wingood hits 70! aka Pleading for advice from Druid tanks

November 9, 2009 2 comments

Well Wingood has now reached that all important level 70. Used the heirloom book to get Cold weather flying the moment level 68 was reached, and have run a couple of instances since then. Have run as both bear form and tree form (why does no-one ever need a dps? Oh, right, now I remember, that’s the exact reason why I rolled the druid … 😉 ) in both Nexus and Utgarde Keep, as well as my personal favourite: Isle of Quel’Danas, both in normal and heroic mode (Need 20 Badges of Justice for tanking idol). It has been an interesting experience… Read more…

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Cursed to be good

November 6, 2009 6 comments

I’ve changed guilds …

Ever since I joined Mint about a month ago I’ve known that at least two (out of four not including GM) of the officers either hated me or had a dislike for me. It was so bad that in most cases the only way I could get into raids that were forming was to send a tell directly to the guild leader Jujube. Jujube was one of the sweetest guild leaders I’ve seen to date, and literally appeared to have love for everyone.

So I transferred guilds on Wednesday when Jujube promoted a new guild leader and left for a while. I transferred to Cursed, a guild that only started Tuesday of last week with an officer named Fearbringer (and GM Royalblood) who took me on in an Uld10 PUG and was quite impressed with me. Then I got invited to the TOC25 this week Read more…

Mages need other classes why?

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

To honour Gnomeaggedons current series on why various roles need mages, I thought I would go with Devils advocate and state why mages need each of the other roles, Read more…

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