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Why tanks need mages.

Gnomeaggedon has a good post on why tanks need mages over on his blog: http://gnomeaggedon.net/2009/10/23/tanks-need-mages-because/

Tanks need Mages!

They don’t need us for healing admittedly, although I have popped a bandage on a tank before when we were the last two standing.

No, Tanks need Mages for the challenge of playing a Tank, we make life… Errr hmmm… Fun!

Yes, we do make tanks jobs fun. Without us they would be so bored, with only the lowly warlock trying to pull aggro. I look forward to Wingood hitting 80 and having to (try to) hold aggro off geared mages. And I always love trying to steal threat from tanks on Wingosa, good fun (course I know how to Ice Block, Mirror Image when bursting or Invis when actually too high on threat).

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