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Mages need other classes why?

To honour Gnomeaggedons current series on why various roles need mages, I thought I would go with Devils advocate and state why mages need each of the other roles,

Mages need Tanks why?

  • Cause we’re squishy
  • To give someone to fight with for threat

Mages need Healers why?

  • To keep the non-squishy tank alive
  • To keep us alive (because we’re squishy)

Mages need pure dps (Rogues and Hunters) why?

  • Rogues have a bad habit of dying in melee aoe
  • Hunters have a bad habit of not controlling pet and being downies
  • They are the only other classes that challenge us on the dps meters, and with the above points taken into consideration, they make us look good

Mages need ranged dps (Warlocks, Shadow Priests, Elemental Shamans and Boomkins) why?

One word: Buffs

  • Warlocks provide spellpower buff from demonic pact if demon and no totem of Wrath, Improved shadow bolt for +5% crit chance if destro. They have sustained dps spells.
  • Shadow Priests provide +3% hit chance, allowing us to focus more on spellpower, haste and/or crit in it’s place. They too have sustained dps spells.
  • Elemental Shamans provide Bloodlust and caster totems
  • Boomkins provide +3% hit, +5% crit (Leader of the pack, stacks with Improved shadow bolt)

Mages needs melee dps (Warriors, Ret Paladins, DKs, Cat form Druid, Enhancement Shaman) why?

  • For someone to laugh at
  • For someone to laugh at us on Gormock and similar fights where melee don’t need to worry about aoe …

Mages need other mages why?

  • For someone to gauge ourselves against
  • Can anyone say Focus Magic
  • To help us pull down the boss quickly (literally, every single time I have been in a raid in the past month I have been first or second on dps, with the top 3 at least being mages)
  • Because we’re good (top 3? While being squishy?)

Blizzard, please don’t nerf mages based of that last point. Mages are *meant* to top the dps charts. We don’t have the added survivability that warlocks (pet, drain life), hunters (good pet) and rogues (dodge) have, or the versatility that the melee classes (who can tank) and heavy hybrid classes (who can all heal) have. Hunters have mail armour, death knights, paladins, warriors all have plate, even rogues have at least leather: All we have is our dps! Gnomageddon even made a point of stressing this on his post on how mages heal

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