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Wingood hits 70! aka Pleading for advice from Druid tanks

Well Wingood has now reached that all important level 70. Used the heirloom book to get Cold weather flying the moment level 68 was reached, and have run a couple of instances since then. Have run as both bear form and tree form (why does no-one ever need a dps? Oh, right, now I remember, that’s the exact reason why I rolled the druid … 😉 ) in both Nexus and Utgarde Keep, as well as my personal favourite: Isle of Quel’Danas, both in normal and heroic mode (Need 20 Badges of Justice for tanking idol). It has been an interesting experience…

As a tree, Wingood has had very little trouble keeping everyone up. Roll HoTs on the dps if they take any damage, and if that can’t keep them up it’s their own screw up/fault when they die (they shouldn’t have pulled and continued to hold aggro). For the tank we tend to have enough emergency buttons (Swiftmend, Natures Swiftness->Healing Touch, Rejuvenation + 3 Lifeblooms + Regrowth) to survive a decent sized attack, but aren’t strong enough (and shouldn’t be) to keep him up if he does something stupid like turning his back to the boss or pulling far too many mobs (this is normal at our level, not lvl 80 heroics we easily outgear). The only time I have had a problem as a tree has been when healing on the mage boss in Nexus where I couldn’t keep both the tank and the dps alive.

As a bear, Wingood has had very little trouble holding aggro; Single target can normally hold aggro off level 75s busy dpsing sitting on about double their threat through Maul, Mangle, 5 stacks Lacerate. The big trouble really seems to be multiple mobs, especially caster mobs. If there are three melee mobs (or even four normally) I can just hit Beserk, then spam Mangle, tabbing through targets every few seconds and checking that none is about to lose threat. Of course, when Beserk is on cooldown either tab through and maul(glyphed)/mangle/lacerate the mob about to lose threat, or alternatively so long as no mob is about to break away, swipe works well for both damage and threat. The big issue is caster mobs.

With caster mobs, the standard “just spam swipe” of bears doesn’t work. Casting Improved Faerie Fire doesn’t work. Focus fire doesn’t work.

Spamming swipe doesn’t work obviously as in most cases the casters are standing apart from each other and so cannot generally hit more than one with the swipe, which makes it worse than a maul/mangle/lacerate. Improved Faerie Fire doesn’t work simply because the healer seems to be able to out-threat it without too much difficulty, and more importantly has a long cooldown (for initial threat generation anyway). Finally, focus fire doesn’t work because even if the dps is all attacking my target, the healer is still healing me and building threat on the other casters.

I ask for your help dear reader; How should I deal with multiple caster mobs as a bear tank?

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  1. November 10, 2009 at 4:20 am

    Sadly, I neither have nor know a competent bear tank. I think Nael’s druid ran one instance as bear before our server switch…

    Where, though, oh where do you buy the heirloom book?

    • November 10, 2009 at 6:52 am

      Heheh, my little secret (and the rest of the WoW community that reads patch notes/wow.com).

      Because I like you I’ll let you in on it, but don’t tell anyone: Flying trainer in Dalaran (the one on the silverhawk at Krasus Landing) has since the last patch had a purchase option in addition to training button. If you go with your 80 and go into the purchase section, you will see the BOA book which allows for Cold Weather Flying by a level 68. It still costs 1k (doesn’t seem to be affected by faction discounts, or at least I don’t have the right rep and I’ve got a chunk of them), and is consumed when your alt learns it.

      So basically, your first character still needs to reach 77 to get cold weather flying the first time, but once 80 any alts can get cold weather flying from the moment they can pick up quests in Northrend (68) which makes the long slog to 80 so much easier (and enjoyable).

      BTW, I know a competent bear tank: BigBearButt (I prefer to call him Triple B). I’ll be trying to get him to comment on here so that I can see what the solution is to this problem :). Also, I’ve been running a few Burning Crusade heroics, will make a post about that soon.

      (((And looking at the number of brackets in this comment I should just start writing everything in brackets)))

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