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Wingood finally level 72 …

Since the last post about Wingood roughly a week ago (10/11/2009) quite a lot has been achieved. Both BoJ trinkets have been obtained, Zul’Aman has been run twice and Tree Form Wingood is running around in 3/4 epic level items. Epic spell items seem to drop much more consistently than epic rogue/feral items, although as a feral I have only two epic trinkets and the badge bought Idol of Terror (“Equip: Your Mangle ability has a chance to grant 65 agility for 10 sec.”). In all of the Zul’Aman, MGT and other heroic running I haven’t seen a single epic feral piece drop other than the two trinkets I’m now wearing that both dropped from heroic MGT (Shard of Contempt, which increases expertise by 44 and “Equip: Chance on hit to increase attack power by 230 for 20 seconds”, and a Commendation of Kael’thas (which is very good for both tanking and leveling) which increases stamina by 57 and “Equip: Melee attacks which reduce you below 35% health cause you to gain 152 dodge rating for 10 sec. Cannot occur more than once every 30 sec.”).

Other than gear, Wingood has also gone from mining Mithril to mining Cobalt, and the Thorium mining from mining level 235 to 300 reminded me of why I hated levelling mining on Wingosa (and in fact, the reason I ditched it). Running around Ungoro crater including both the caves and the plume resulted in 3-4 nodes per run (on quite a large area). When I finally ditched that area and moved to WPL I was able to get the remaining 40 levels in about half an hour of farming. Then proceeding to level Jewelcrafting with the gems from the ore resulted in almost reaching level 300 with this as well.

Then moving to Hell Fire Penninsula (or as one person called it, Fel Iron Penninsula), levelling from 300 to 325 mining was a breeze requiring only two trips around the Penninsula, and levelling mining from 325 to 350 on Adamantite in Nagrand was about as simple with about two laps as well. After grinding the various ores for mats, enough mats were produced to level jewelcrafting to 340 with plenty of gems left over, with of course the 340 cap preventing any further levelling from gems without Honoured reputation with various factions. Currently investigating whether it is cheaper to level 340-350 on amulets or whether grinding reputation will be more beneficial in the long run.

So now Wingood has mining and jewelcrafting at Northrend levels, and is quite well geared as a healer for the next few levels, with mostly full gear for healing, and full trinkets and idols for both specs. Also various heroic Burning Crusade instances have been run for the experience of seeing what these instances are like at around level 70, as opposed to level 80 where zerging and facerolling is the norm. Additionally, Wingood has (attempted to) run UK and Nexus a few times each at level 71, but has not had a succesful completion due to group composition issues in the whole level.

And then last night Wingood finally decided that he was sick of being 70% through level 71, and started questing again. Two hours later, Wingood is now sitting half way through level 72 and working hard towards level 74 for the upgraded Venture Coin idols!

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  1. November 17, 2009 at 3:42 am

    Congratulations to Wingood! 🙂

    My guild has been running 70s level raids in the last week or so, and we did ZA this weekend. It was a lot of fun, I’d never been in there before. Of course, I’m geared enough for entry level Wrath raids, so it was a bit easier than it should have been, but it still gets a little messy when I’m solo healing a 10 man. Pallies are just not built for it. I could do it, but our two lowest level toons died a few times more than I’d like to see.

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