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Wingood Tanking Successfully

One thing that I have made an effort to do with Wingood has been to experience as many of the dungeons as possible at the appropriate levels. Most of the dungeons in Azeroth were run; Burning Crusade instances completed are Setthek Halls, Mana-Tombs, Blood Furnace, Hellfire Ramparts, Magister’s Terrace, Underbog, Slave Pens, Heroic Blood Furnace, Heroic Hellfire Ramparts, Heroic Magister’s Terrace, and the raid of Zul’Aman. Even with the heroics and Zul’Aman involving level 80s, it is still a completely different feeling to complete it at the corerct level. Also, the loot and idols was quite beneficial up to about level 74 (with the BC epics starting to be replaced by lvl74+ blues). Now in Northrend, I have tanked and healed (never DPS) in Nexus, UK, AN, OK, DTK, GD and VH.

As a healer, I have only once had any problems: In Utgarde Keep, I was unable to keep the tank AND the raid up at the same time. I am still unsure as to why this was, as I was performing the same “priories” of spells that I have performed on every instance since that point. The tank was Berash, a DK played by my brother who had never tanked before, and was not properly specced (or even geared I think) for it, which is likely the major contributor to this: I believe he required my constant attention, not even allowing me to throw the rejuv to the dps that they required. I also believe the dps weren’t attacking his primary target. Also, my understanding from what he described was he was trying to purely aoe tank (on three trash mobs …) instead of single target tanking. I’ll pay closer attention to his tanking next time and see what advice/corrections I can give, and hopefully we can get him to be an epic tank, which is what he wants the DK for. Other than this one bad experience though, I have frequently been complemented over and over at how good my healing was, and rarely does even a dps die (the only times dps have died has been when they have been attacking the wrong target).

As a tank though, the road has not been so rosey. My previous post described the problems I had been having primarily in Nexus at level 69-71 with (normally one) ranged caster mobs being mixed into the trash mobs. No problems would exist with tanking most of the mobs, but the ranged mobs would attack someone else (normally the healer) reasonably quickly. Also, Archmagister in the Nexus caused problems when she split, with people dying frequently to the aoe combined with the three casters. The level 72 AN attempt at tanking resulted in a couple of wipes on both the watchers and the mobs before Hadronnox, primarily from lack of awareness by all parts and my inability to hold aggro on the non-primary target right at the start (mage dps waiting a second before attacking would have been nice). And UK I had never tanked to completion, only restoration.

But then something wonderful happened. I sat in LFG last night, looking for a VH, OK or HOS run at level 75. My tanking gear was simply my levelling greens (blue leather never seems to drop in instances), and not a single gem slot in any of the gear. This gear and gemming/enchants will obviously improve heavily once reaching level 80. However, I was invited along to AN as a tank. I informed her that, while I did want to tank more, I really was holding out for OK, VH or HOS, and declined the invitation. Ten seconds later another tell received from the same priest asking whether I would like to go Old Kingdom instead then as tank. I accepted without hesitation.

Expecting to experience problems again, especially in the group heavy environment of OK, I looked up at the group composition. Priest, Wingood, Mage, Mage, Rogue. Two mages (mages have a notorius reputation for pulling threat, especially while levelling, despite their MUTLIPLE mitigation options). A disc priest (good good). A Rogue (Damn. Rolling on any leather that drops.). Still, it was a chance to try tanking again and with the two mages and a rogue ripping up the dps and trying to pull aggro, it would be a good training experience even if we did wipe a few times. Went in, cleared the first few mobs, then got to the bottom of the first set of stairs, where the two melee, webslinger and shadowcaster mobs start hanging out in groups. We attempted it. I marked the shadowcaster skull, the webslinger x. I cast faerie fire on the webslinger and charged into the shadowcaster, mauling, swiping, tabbing all the way. I didn’t drop aggro on any of them. We didn’t wipe.

This continued throughout the instance. Only one or two (in my mind anyway) messy pulls in the whole instance, and even with those, no-one died. Not once. It was a solid group, heals and tanking was solid, dps was good. One of the mages had a really bad habit of attacking the wrong target, but once I told him I wouldn’t save him if he attacked the wrong target again he corrected it. And I was preventing him from pulling threat anyway even on the wrong target. Score!

When we finished up on OK, I then asked if they wanted to do VH. Five minutes later had got them all their keys (easy quest) and we went into VH. That place is messy for a bear … The portal keepers coming out first is easy, but the squadron? No aura, no D&D, hopefully you can pull off a couple of swipes or maul/lacerate while using a combination of growl and charge to pick up the couple you missed. Not fun, but again, whole instance, not a single death.

I’m happy with both my tanking and my healing ability at this point. And have had people praising my abilities in both specs, with level 80s telling me how good my knowledge is of how I will rotate/prioritise abilities for even end-game raiding.


  1. November 25, 2009 at 4:11 am

    Sounds like your having fun and learning alot along the way. I think its great you can tank and heal with te same toon. I have 2 different toon for those roles so I could keep some variety. I also wasn’t a very good feral druid so mine is strictly boomkin 🙂

    • November 25, 2009 at 7:27 am

      Hi mister k,

      as I’m sure you’ve noticed by this blog, Wingosa is my Mage. As a dps, it can be often hard to get into a PUG, normally they are looking for tanks and heals. Even more annoying is when a group disbands because one of those two couldn’t be found.

      This is why wingood was created. When Wingood dpses, I don’t want another Mage. More importantly, I do want a tank and healer, and conveniently tank gets do double as a (sub-par) melée dps if required, so I get to enjoy all major roles in the game. At some point I will likely start a priest, paladin and dk as well, but for now Wingosa and Wingood have everything covered :-).

      And yeah, I am having fun and learning a lot about the various roles in ways dps never really understand.

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