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Account hacked

Email to Blizzard:
My account (***battle.net account name here***) has been hacked. Between the Dreadmaul characters Wingood, Wingosa and Ibuyandsell, around 4k gold has been removed, all items of value have been lost, keybindings completely reconfigured (I use Dvorak keybinding on my PC and non-standard placement of movement keys, so was immediately obvious), all characters moved to different locations, Wingood stripped of all armour/equipment, Inventory practically cleared out on every character. Equipped items still exist on Wingosa, but that is about it. All emblems, Champions Seals, Cooking Awards, Honour, and Jewelcrafting tokens have been removed. Also, Wingosa has been dual specced to Frost (was PvP Frost and PvE Arcane) neither of which match the PvP Frost spec. Finally, I apparently ninja’d a large chunk of materials from the guild bank (Cursed), which confirms that all of this occured around 12am AWST 7th-Dec-2009 (6 am 6th-Dec 2009-PST).
Have run complete virus scan on PC, no keyloggers exist. I did notice being disconnected (from only WoW) in the middle of playing last night but assumed this was only network issues. Nobody knows my password through me advising them of it, and I have never logged into a phishing site with my account details, doubly so since converting to a Blizzard.net account. I have also never logged on on a PC other than my own. I have raised issues before with the security of Blizzard accounts which have been ignored when I was previously hacked and used as a gold spamming service, and quite a number of people that I know (including Royalblood, my current gmaster) knows people in real life that can hack Battle.net accounts, and this has become much more common of late apparently, showing their insecurity.
My WoW account is still linked with my Battle.net account and the password has been changed (again) as a matter of precaution (and because I know your standard email response requests it) but would much appreciate Wingood and Wingosa’s gear and equipment restored to allow for raiding of ICC this week, and the gold restored as this was being saved to make a repayment.
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  1. December 12, 2009 at 2:45 am

    WOW. 😦 I’m a little late to see your misfortune owing to my finals this week, but wowwww 😦

    I hope blizzard comes through for you and can restore everything to the way it was.

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